Intro and Prerequisites – A&DS

Plan of the series.

In this series, I'll be covering most common algorithms and data structures with the main goal of improving my own knowledge around these topics.

Disclaimer: I'm learning myself, so if you see any silly mistake, hit me up and I'll most definitely fix it!

I'm a Frontend developer, and my day-to-day doesn't often include working with advanced algorithms and data structures (e.g. graphs, heaps, etc...). And as we all know, knowledge becomes rusty if we don't use it. I want to fix it for myself and I'd be glad if you'd followed along and maybe learned something for yourself.

Another important thing is that I'm trying to make it as relevant to frontend developers as possible. Which includes examples from frameworks, browsers, etc... And application of these algorithms and data structures in frontend if possible.

Ok, let's get started, but first, we need to sort some things out. We will be constantly referring to algorithmic complexity and it would be nice to brush up on it before reading other posts from this series, good short videos to get you started:

And more in-depth mathematical explanation:

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